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AI & Machine Learning

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Regulatory guidance is not clear on what is needed for effective anti-money laundering. Discover how we help combat financial crime with advanced AML typologies.
Learn about the role of machine learning in the future of AML from Paysafe’s Giacomo Austin.
Dr Janet Bastiman breaks down the steps that institutions need to take when adopting AI decision making into their existing financial crime compliance workflows.
In this episode, we discuss the data science and the pragmatic steps to implementing machine learning in a compliance team with Paysafe’s ex-MLRO.
David Choi from Oliver Wyman shares some use cases in which generative AI can be used for financial crime compliance.
Learn how to balance risk with reward when implementing AI into your financial rime compliance process. Listen to our new podcast featuring Dr Janet Bastiman, Napier’s Chief Data Scientist.
Recap of our latest webinar AI regulation and innovation: Is a risk-based approach the best option for payments?
As we journey through the evolving landscape of generative AI, it is set to have a huge impact across all sectors, including financial services.
Janet Bastiman
October 24, 2023
AI's prominence in AML isn't just a passing trend; it's a response to criminals using advanced technology in an evolving financial landscape. However, it's imperative that we do not rely on AI as a silver bullet, and that we do not conflate myths surrounding it as fact.
AI can play a dual role in both combatting and facilitating financial crime, so how can experts better utilise AI for good?
Create clarity in AI in AML implementation by focusing on a unique blend of expertise, data training and mitigation methods to prevent bias seeping in.
Are banks really the dinosaurs of the technological age? Insights from S&P Global’s webinar on how fintechs are reshaping the banking industry.
Will Monk, Chief Product Officer at Napier, considers the impact of language-based AI on the finance and banking sectors – particularly when it comes to fighting financial crime.
Mariya Pattara
June 21, 2023
Napier has been listed in the top 100 AI Fintechs in the world leveraging artificial intelligence.
Napier’s chief data scientist, Dr Janet Bastiman, has been appointed to the FCA’s newly created Synthetic Data Expert Group, a sub-group of the Innovation Advisory Group (IAG).
AI good practices and regulations for compliance frameworks, from around the world.
Napier’s chief product officer Will Monk offers advice on how to build a resilient Client Screening programme that maintains compliance effectively while managing costs efficiently.
Ethics in AI for financial crime compliance isn't just a box to tick. It's the foundation of building trust in the financial system.
AI has been helping financial institutions improve their financial crime compliance systems. Here’s how.
Helen Marsden
March 21, 2023
Is AI really the today’s catch-all compliance solution? Napier’s founder and chairman Julian Dixon discusses why AI is not a blanket response...yet.
Eimer Cotter
September 13, 2022
‘Building trust and confidence in AI’ by Napier’s Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Janet Bastiman, featured in Volume 1 Number 4 of the Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation.
Our Chief Data Scientist, Dr Janet Bastiman, recaps the key takeaways of her recent FFECON panel discussion: ‘With Great AI Power Comes Great FinCrime Responsibility’
Here are six recommendations to know if AI is right for your organisation and how to prepare for it.
We talk about why financial institutions implement AI for compliance, and discuss some of the most common implementation pitfalls as well as how to avoid them.
We teamed up with Fintrail for a choose-your-own-adventure session for compliance professionals to discover the steps and pitfalls in AI implementation for AML.
We hosted an event with the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers, here’s what the panel shared on how AI can detect the flow of dirty money.
Refinitiv’s Emma Miller explains why data is the critical ingredient and the three key considerations for FIs looking to implement AI for AML.
We explore 3 predicate crimes for money laundering and explain how their perpetrators can exploit the financial system to launder their illicit funds.
Napier AI
November 4, 2021
Dr Janet Bastiman, appeared on the MCubed podcast to discuss explainable AI (XAI), its history and its uses in modern society – especially in anti-financial crime.
Napier AI
September 16, 2021
Dr Janet Bastiman gave a talk for IBF Singapore on the need for and the history of explainability in AI, she also did some mythbusting and discussed what regulators have to say about explainability.
Regulation Asia hosted a webinar in which Dr Janet Bastiman and her fellow panellists discuss the use of data analytics, AI, and machine learning for AML/CFT; the challenges to adoption, and how to build an AI/machine learning roadmap.
Janet Bastiman
July 19, 2021
Discover what AI explainability is and how it can help your compliance department.
Luca Primerano
March 17, 2021
Our Chief AI Officer disucssed how AI-driven regtech gives financial institues a more holistic view of customer behaviour, reduce false positives, and more in The Paypers.
Janet Bastiman
January 21, 2021
Technological advances combined with important ethical and moral considerations have helped ensure the best AI-powered AML systems are now highly explainable and therefore simple for data analysts to use.
Our Chief Data Scientist Janet Bastiman discusses how to use AI to analyse customer behaviour and identify financial crime in the midst of a global pandemic.
The need to do AML better is not just a social responsibility case, it’s a business case too. Learn how Predictive Analytics can improve AML systems here.
Discover the challenges associated with implementing machine learning for in your AML programme.
Money laundering in the UK is out of control. An estimated £100bn plus flows through the UK each year.
Our Chief AI Officer Luca Primerano had the pleasure of speaking at the AML & FinCrime Tech Forum hosted by FinTech Global.
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