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FCA appoints Napier’s Janet Bastiman to Synthetic Data Expert Group

Napier’s chief data scientist, Dr Janet Bastiman, has been appointed to the FCA’s newly created Synthetic Data Expert Group, a sub-group of the Innovation Advisory Group (IAG).

Mariya Pattara
June 5, 2023

Napier’s very own chief data scientist, Dr Janet Bastiman, has been appointed to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s newly created Synthetic Data Expert Group, a sub-group of the Innovation Advisory Group (IAG). The IAG, created in March 2023, aims to deepen Innovation’s engagement with industry and to inform the FCA’s forward-looking work programme, including alternate approaches to future TechSprints.

The new group has been formed to examine the role synthetic data has to play in protecting consumers and encouraging beneficial innovation in financial services through the use of its enhanced capabilities. The group assembles diverse and experienced professionals representing technology and data vendors, regulated firms, consultancies, and public sector organisations. It aims to identify relevant use cases and clarify key issues in the theory and practice of synthetic data in the UK financial market, and create an established framework for collaboration across industry, regulators, academia, and the wider civil society on issues related to synthetic data.

The appointment comes hot on the heels of Janet’s appointment to chair of the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Science and AI Section. “It’s a great honour to be appointed by the FCA to the Synthetic Data Expert Group and I’m looking forward to bringing my extensive experience and expertise in data and ethics to help formulate best practices for the UK financial sector” says Janet. “It’s another amazing tool with huge potential in the armoury of financial crime fighters. Closer working relationships with regulators and law enforcement agencies can only strengthen our response to global money laundering.”

Janet has spent more than 20 years in the industry, pushing the boundaries of data science in telecommunications, marketing, and the financial services sector, where she has helped both start-ups and established businesses implement and improve their AI offering. Janet regularly speaks at conferences on topics in AI including explainability, testing, efficiency, and ethics.  

Join Janet at the Money 20/20 Europe

Join her in Amsterdam at Money 20/20  as she chairs two panels:

European Open Banking - To Scrape or Not to Scrape

Are we putting the cart before the open banking horse? This session will look at potential hurdles in the current environment such as Third Party Providers, open banking APIs and scraping, the limitations companies have with accessing banking data, and how this can impact on customers and AML regulations.  

Money Talks: Using Payments as a Communication Channel

The panel debate will explore the untapped potential of using bank statements and payment notifications to engage with existing customers, and the application of novel technologies to connect brick-and-mortar businesses with their customers without compromising personal data privacy.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

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