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Experts take on FinCrime

Experts take on FinCrime.
By meeting the needs of the Consumer Duty, financial institutions can not only achieve compliance, but ensure resiliency.
Our Chief Product Officer Will Monk explores the top four themes driving complexity and dynamics in the Financial Crime Compliance space.
We sat down with BC Tan as he explained trade-based money laundering, its relationship to organised crime, and how firms can leverage technology to identify and prevent its presence in the industry.
Napier AI
September 27, 2022
We spoke with James Nicholls about what a common RegTech business language might look like, and how cultivating one has the potential to increase tech adoption.
We interviewed Michael Hearns to gain insight into the role law enforcement agencies play in the fight against financial crime, and the challenges they face in doing so.
We interviewed Ian Taylor, the Executive Director of CryptoUK, about crypto regulation in the UK: the progress, challenges, tech, and solutions.
We spoke to Denisse Rudich, entrepreneur, Director & Strategic Advisor in fincrime prevention, about the best use and future of public/private data partnerships.
We interviewed Livia Benisty, the Global Head of Business AML at Banking Circle, about the strengths and improvement opportunities of the global AML approach.
We spoke to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Karyn Kenny about the need for greater collaboration between the public and private sectors to share information and clamp down on financial crime.
We spoke to Marc Fungard from K2 Integrity to discover if the convergence of intelligence, tech and data could be the answer to combatting financial crime.
Alexandria Reid, a RUSI Senior Research Fellow, talks to us about organised environmental crime, including the illegal wildlife trade, and how AML should be adapting.
In this blog, we talk to Amanda Gore about environmental crime, the challenges involved in tackling it, and how things could be improved.
Napier AI
December 9, 2021
We asked financial crime professor Nic Ryder to explain crypto assets, the AML-related challenges they create, and how things could be improved.
Napier AI
November 25, 2021
We talk to Che Sidanius, Global Head of Financial Crime and Industry Affairs at Refinitiv, about green crime and how the AML industry could better tackle it.
We talk to Mark Nuttall, an AML, geopolitics, and counter-crime specialist, about how banks and enforcement can come together to more effectively fight financial crime.
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