AML Software for Wealth & Asset Management

Napier AI provides NextGen financial crime risk management software, automating compliance processes, speeding up onboarding, and enhancing end-customer experiences.  

Asset managers are facing growing demand for transparency from customers and regulators. There is a need to modernise legacy anti-money laundering (AML) systems and in some cases, manual compliance processes. Napier AI provides agile and scalable financial crime compliance solutions that can integrate into existing infrastructure, streamlining operational costs while remaining compliant.

Effective Financial Crime Compliance Solutions for Wealth & Asset Management

Napier AI enables wealth managers and fund distributors to spend less time on customer due diligence, and more time on improving customer experience.
Real-time customer onboarding insights across the distribution chain gives asset managers and servicers a comprehensive approach to compliance.
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Our AML Solutions for Wealth & Asset Management

A centralised approach to compliance with AML expertise and AI built-in, Client Screening streamlines and centralises siloed customer onboarding processes. Transaction monitoring unlocks the creation of robust rulesets and analytics. Implemented as point solutions, or in one platform, Napier AI’s solutions can plug in to existing infrastructure seamlessly.

"We chose to work with Napier AI as it has the flexibility to meet our needs, with fast deployment, while delivering tangible results in terms of financial crime compliance effectiveness. By applying next-generation AML technology to ground-breaking DLT, FundsDLT is changing the way asset managers and investors interact to reduce operational costs, and increase transparency."

Oliver Portenseigne
Chief Executive Officer at Funds DLT

How Napier AI benefits Wealth & Asset Management firms

Report suspicious activity with speed and accuracy to meet regulatory standards with a highly configurable point solution, powered by dynamic analytics and AI-enabled risk scoring.

Achieve compliance

Amid regulatory changes, wealth management firms need robust financial crime frameworks, and centralised processes. Our AI-powered solutions help asset servicers implement efficient digital due diligence processes across the chain to harmonise data and provide a comprehensive profile of clients.

Enhance CX

Napier AI’s automated processes enable analysts to spend less time reviewing alerts, and more time on improving customer experience. Centralised due diligence and better data health unlocks potential for a swift customer onboarding process.

Streamline operational costs

Our explainable AI and user friendly-no-code sandbox help firms to identify the reason behind alerts, test on live data, and update rulesets quickly. Analysts can deal with alerts faster, and implement changes based on evolving trends and typologies quickly, reducing operational costs.
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Napier AI Continuum is a new class of AI-enhanced platform to connect data, control operations, and manage risk in a single, fully integrated financial crime risk management platform.
Available in 3 service offerings. Napier AI Continuum is a bespoke customised platform in the public or private cloud, or on premises. Napier AI Continuum Live is a turnkey hosted solution as a service. And Napier AI Continuum Flow is a headless API to plug in to a existing case management UI.
Napier AI’s point solutions include Client Screening and Transaction Monitoring to manage risk and improve client experience.

Transaction Monitoring

Advanced machine-learning enabled transaction monitoring with integrated sandbox for rapid rules testing and deployment.
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Client Screening

Protect your organisation against the potential risks of engaging with sanctioned individuals or entities with Napier AI’s rapid screening capability using advanced fuzzy-matching algorithms that reduce false positives.
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Financial crime risk management that scales with you

Reap the benefits of continued innovation through effortless upgrades with zero downtime or extend functionality by adding modules as business needs evolve.
Napier AI Continuum is designed for low latency and built with security as a priority with regular rigorous testing, vulnerability analysis, and solid back-up and disaster recovery.

Napier AI’s best-of-breed stack is designed to adapt to workloads and scaling needs to give you the confidence, control and capabilities to run financial crime risk programs now and into the future.

Flexible deployment options to meet your jurisdictional requirements and existing infrastructure needs.

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We work with industry leading cloud architects and cybersecurity experts to implement a product and platform that is secure by design. With our in-depth defence strategy and commitment to holistic security, you can rest assured that you and your data are in safe hands.

ISO 27001:2013
SOC2 Type 2 Audited
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FundsDLT reduces asset manager costs by 70% with NexGen screening & monitoring

Learn how the fund administration business enabled all actors of the fund distribution chain to reduce costs and time to process transactions. By working with Napier AI it bolstered its blockchain technology to serve global asset managers, by automating and centralising the fund distribution process.

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