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AI Risks and Rewards in Financial Crime Compliance

Learn how to balance risk with reward when implementing AI into your financial rime compliance process. Listen to our new podcast featuring Dr Janet Bastiman, Napier’s Chief Data Scientist.

Janet Bastiman
December 14, 2023

Napier’s Payments Pulse podcast series aims to connect trending fintech topics with financial crime compliance, equipping payments firms with the insights they need to disrupt financial crime.

In this pilot episode, we sat down with Dr Janet Bastiman, Napier’s Chief Data Scientist, winner of the 2023 Woman in Technology Banking Tech Award, Chair of the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Science and AI Section and member of FCA’s newly created Synthetic Data Expert Group, to discuss the risks and rewards associated with AI for financial institutions.

As payments firms navigate the ever-changing risk landscape, AI is at the forefront of reshaping financial crime compliance. It plays a dual role – both as a tool to combat financial crime and a potential facilitator.

Since the October 2023 AI Safety Summit, there is increased demand globally for a clear picture of how we should use AI to tackle financial crime.

In this podcast episode, we cover:

- How financial institutions ensure safety and trust when implementing AI for financial crime compliance

- How AI can transform productivity for financial crime compliance teams

- The potential risks of AI and how financial institutions can work with governments to mitigate them

- The diverse range of human skills needed to maintain AI-powered solutions

AI can play a dual role in both combatting and facilitating financial crime, so how can experts better utilise AI for good? Read more about the risks and rewards of AI in financial crime compliance.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Chair of the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Science and AI Section and member of FCA’s newly created Synthetic Data group, Janet started coding in 1984 and discovered a passion for technology. She holds degrees in both Molecular Biochemistry and Mathematics and has a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. Janet has helped both start-ups and established businesses implement and improve their AI offering prior to applying her expertise as Head of Analytics to Napier. Janet regularly speaks at conferences on topics in AI including explainability, testing, efficiency, and ethics.
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