Power up your workflows with NextGen Screening and Monitoring.

The new API for Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered screening and monitoring intelligence in your workflows.

Napier AI Continuum Flow is a new way to access AI-powered screening and monitoring from Napier AI’s award-winning financial crime risk management platform through a secure Application Programming Interface (API). Financial institutions can now upgrade their financial crime intelligence and compliance within their existing case management solutions and workflows.

Key benefits./

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Live in as little as 21 days, no phasing
Reduce false positives up to 97%
Trusted AML typologies built in partnership with regulators
Plug and play - a turnkey hosted financial crime compliance solution
Reduced TCO
Bundled dataset, SaaS offering, light infrastructure  
Compliance first
Auditable and explainable AI
Scales with business needs 

Napier AI Continuum Flow is the headless API offering of the full Napier AI Continuum platform./

Designed for financial institutions seeking to improve their Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulatory compliance within their existing case management solution and workflows. These organisations can now ingest the AI-powered alerts from the Napier AI Continuum screening and monitoring engines to transform financial crime compliance teams’ performance, without disruption.  

A complete combination of Napier AI’s product and market expertise./

API first, cloud native, and no code
Traceable, auditable, and explainable AI insights  
Out-of-the-box AI models
Industry-leading name matching  
Rules and typologies libraries tailored to financial services sectors
Deployed onto Napier’s secure public cloud infrastructure
Real-time screening

Get ahead with headless API./

Financial institutions have designed and deployed custom case management systems and workflows that meet their needs. With Napier AI Continuum Flow, organisations can route alerts from Napier AI’s next generation, AI-driven screening and monitoring engines into their existing workflow for case management.
Customers gain the improved detection rates and reduced false positives from Napier AI Continuum, as well as the explainable and auditable AI insights, all in their existing workflow for a fast Return on Investment (ROI) and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Screening & monitoring./

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Napier AI Continuum Flow is built for organisations with an existing financial crime compliance user interface (UI), including self-built platforms. Suitable for those customers with an existing case management UI who need industry leading AML detection and monitoring seamlessly integrated into their front end.
Headless screening and monitoring service
AI-driven engines and insights connected to UI of choice; explainable AI audit trail integrated into existing case management; test new configurations in Sandbox UI.
API-driven workflow integration
Build a complete picture of risk with consolidated alerts; leverage Napier hosted screening and monitoring engines via standard API.
Tailored to existing workflows
Maintain existing workflows and enhance with AI enabled screening and monitoring; powered by NextGen screening and Monitoring.
No need to rip and replace  
Augment existing investments with NextGen screening and monitoring; uplift to AI-driven insights within existing case management; remove technical debt, continuously access the latest version in hosted service.

Powered by NextGen screening and monitoring engines./

Smarter. Faster.Trusted./

Napier AI’s award-winning financial crime risk management platform./

Explainable AI designed for AML compliance 

Rapid time to value with market leading TCO 

Chosen by practitioners and regulators 

The right AI-driven intelligence, integrated into your existing technology stack.

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Award-winning technology./

Fintech & Payments Awards 2023
Juniper Research Winner: Platinum Award - Regtech Platform
Celent Financial Crime Compliance Technology 2023
Technology Standout Award: AML Transaction Monitoring
RegTech Insight Awards
Best AI Solution for Regulatory Compliance
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