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Find our growing list of white papers and case studies here, all available for download.

White papers

AI in Business Special Report published in The Times

AI is coming into its own in the fight against financial crime. Read this and find out how AI is impacting business in the AI for Business special report published in The Times.

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Understand your customer: The importance of a holistic view of client activity in AML.

In this eBook, we explore why holistic AML approaches are critical to successful financial crime-fighting, why they are so hard to implement and how our Client Activity Review can be a first step in a client-centric view of financial crime risk across your whole firm.

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The Napier AML Maturity Model.

The model is designed to help regulated organisations, who are looking to upgrade or replace their existing AML technology, with a way to identify their current state and what best practice looks like.

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Successful Transaction Monitoring: Overcoming Challenges Through Collaboration

A whitepaper in collaboration with Lysis on how to make your transaction monitoring processes successful.

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Trade Compliance: The Role of Screening in Reducing the Risk of Sanctions Breaches in the Corporate Environment.

This whitepaper seeks to explain the associated risks of breaching sanctions, and how screening technology can be used to reduce this risk.

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Sanction Screening: What Causes False Positives and How to Reduce Them.

Discover how the application of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data, increases process efficiency and effectiveness in sanction screening.

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10 AML Strategies to Protect Your Organisation

How do you protect your organisation from terrorist and criminal organisations? Discover 10 strategies to strengthen your AML defences.

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5MLD: Your Guide for Compliance

In this guide we give you an overview of 5MLD and what it means for businesses in the UK.


Case studies

False Positives Reduction

A case study for the reduction of false positives in the customers and suppliers screening process for a Global Blue-chip Company.


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