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Napier AI provides NextGen financial crime risk management software, delivering accuracy and operational efficiency for banking compliance teams

As banking becomes more instant and the regulatory landscape becomes more volatile, there is an increased need to transform compliance from a regulatory obligation into a competitive advantage. Napier AI provides point solutions with seamless integration to future-proof financial crime compliance.

Accurate and Effective Financial Crime Compliance Solutions for the Banking Industry

A complete approach to compliance with AML expertise built in, Napier AI enables issuers and processors to quickly deploy and correct historical non-compliance.
Easily configure the solution with a no-code sandbox,  improve operational efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership with explainable AI.
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Our AML Banking Solutions

Achieve the delicate balance between compliance and innovation to stay compliant and competitive against new market entrants. Scale to meet customer demands for better services and convenient banking, without worrying about increased risk exposure.

We chose the Napier AI platform because the team was able to deploy in just six weeks, we were incredibly impressed by the innovations within the platform which supported both a rapid go-live as well as delivering tangible results for us in terms of financial crime compliance.

Steve Newson
Chief Technology Officer at Starling Bank

How Napier AI Benefits Banks

Report suspicious activity with speed and accuracy to meet regulatory standards with a highly configurable point solution, powered by dynamic analytics and AI-enabled risk scoring.

Achieve compliance

Adapt swiftly to evolving regulatory requirements.

Undertake due diligence checks and report suspicious activities with ease.

Reduce costs

Drive down the cost of financial crime compliance and regulatory fines.

Supercharge operational efficiency with AI Insights and configure rules without data science support with a sandbox environment and easy-to-use UI.

Increase revenues

Expand into new jurisdictions safe in the knowledge that you have a platform that can keep you compliant as you scale.

Enhance seamless customer experiences while achieving compliance.
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1 Platform, 3 ways to connect.

Augmentation Layer
Businesses with deep-rooted legacy systems can reap the benefit of Continuum as an aggregation layer to upgrade existing operations in a matter of months.
Point solution
Continuum’s modular approach to compliance is a perfect answer for organisation looking to build up their financial crime defence incrementally or looking for a point solution only.
End-to-end capability
Continuum as an all-in-one solution delivers financial crime risk management fit for the future and will allow you to get operations up and running in no time, spanning the entire financial crime risk profile.

Explore the solutions.

Napier Continuum is a new class of AI-enhanced platform to connect data, control operations, and manage risk in a single, fully integrated financial crime risk management platform.
Napier AI’s point solutions include Client Screening and Client Activity Review to manage risk when entering new markets.
Providing banks with a credible path to financial crime compliance by identifying new suspicious patterns. Gain customer behavioural analytics with a 360 degree view of every customer in real-time.

Transaction Monitoring

Advanced machine-learning enabled transaction monitoring with integrated sandbox for rapid rules testing and deployment.
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Client Screening

Protect your organisation against the potential risks of engaging with sanctioned individuals or entities with Napier’s rapid screening capability using advanced fuzzy-matching algorithms that reduce false positives.
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Transaction Screening

Run rapid, real-time searches against multiple sanctions and watch lists to mitigate risks engaging with sanctioned individuals or entities.
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Client Activity Review

Gain additional deeper insights about your customer’s activity with an automated ongoing review of all customer data - including transactions, payments and screening results - against their expected behaviour.
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Client Risk Assessment

Perform enhanced risk assessments to generate a risk level for each client. Use these levels as part of a risk-based assessment to optimise your screening and monitoring processes.
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Regulatory Reporting Manager

Facilitates faster, safer filing of STRs with data collation, automatic form completion, robust data security, and auto report submission. Fully compliant with global regulatory requirements, its benefits will transform any compliance function.
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Financial crime risk management that scales with you.

Reap the benefits of continued innovation through effortless upgrades with zero downtime or extend functionality by adding modules as business needs evolve.
Napier AI Continuum is designed for low latency, high data throughput digital environments, built with security as a priority with regular rigorous testing, vulnerability analysis, and solid back-up and disaster recovery.

Napier AI’s best-of-breed stack is designed to adapt to workloads, throughput and scaling needs to give you the confidence, control and capabilities to run successful financial crime risk programs now and into the future.

Napier AI’s cloud-native solution brings the benefits of cloud to each deployment whether in our SaaS offering, public or private cloud with Kubernetes.

Security as priority./

We work with industry leading cloud architects and cybersecurity experts to implement a product and platform that is secure by design. With our in-depth defence strategy and commitment to holistic security, you can rest assured that you and your data are in safe hands.

ISO 27001:2013
SOC2 Type 2 Audited
Assured data security


Sharpening Sanctions Compliance with NextGen Client Screening

Reduce the risk of non-compliance for banks and improve operational efficiency, with clear steps on how you can overcome the constraints of legacy systems and move towards low-code, accurate and scalable client screening.

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