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Napier technology for partners./

At Napier, we work with partners to bring customers end-to-end intelligent compliance through our next generation anti-money laundering software. Our partners enhance and extend our solution with their expertise, and together we work towards reducing financial crime worldwide.

Types of partners./

Managed Service Provider

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer organisations a more effective route to financial crime compliance transformation, reducing risk and increasing effectiveness. We work with global and local MSPs to deliver the Napier platform as an embedded service.

Benefits to MSPs include:

- Optional deployment models
- Flexible commercials to suit your business model- Unique modular features
- Quick deployment and easy configuration
- Future-proofed solution with integrated AI and Machine Learning

Channel partner

We work closely with carefully selected channel partners to go-to-market together in a variety of ways, as introducer, co-seller or re-seller.

The Napier platform complements a wide range of advisory, software and data solutions.

Product integrations

We are partnered with the world’s leading data providers and other technology vendors to extend and augment Napier’s financial crime compliance solutions.

If you have a product or technology that could extend the Napier offering or you already have an integration use case, please get in touch for a technical discovery call.

Existing partners include Refinitiv, Dow Jones, Basis, FintechLab and Mambu.

Why partner with Napier?

The Napier platform./

The Napier platform makes it easier for compliance professionals to do their jobs while meeting regulatory requirements and standing up to financial crime. The platform has an intuitive user interface with beautifully presented graphical analytics. But the real value lies in the application of advanced technology, automation and artificial intelligence to deliver powerful insights and drive efficiency which in turn reduce the overall cost of compliance for financial institutions.

Robust foundation

Transaction monitoring, transaction screening and client screening are at the core of our solution. Using a traditional rules-based approach enhanced by sophisticated machine learning, these products provide a solid base to work efficiently at reducing false positives and detecting truly suspicious behaviours or sanctioned entities.

Holistic approach

We enhance transaction monitoring and screening with Napier’s Client Activity
Review (CAR) and Risk-based Scorecard solutions. Acting as bridges between the KYC onboarding and monitoring functions, these solutions ingest data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of the customer and their risk level.

Future-proofing with innovation

All our solutions have been driven by innovation from the very start, with the vision to hand the power back to analysts and to drive efficiencies and effectiveness through no-code configuration and powerful sandbox testing tools.

Our technology./

We are compliance technology specialists, who help our partners and their clients  to fight financial crime more efficiently and effectively. Founded on broad experience and deep expertise, Napier’s cutting- edge platform increases efficiency and minimises risk by successfully combining big data technologies with AI and machine learning. The Napier platform is fast, scalable and easily configurable. Our tools dramatically reduce both false positives and false negatives and empower compliance teams to make validated decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Big data architecture

Our platform can scale to match organisations of all sizes and sophistication, from start-ups to large global organisations. Our big data architecture specifically addresses requirements for batch processing, real-time processing, interactive exploration of data, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of innovation

Machine learning and advanced analytics offer automatic pattern identification and risk assessment to empower your team to investigate only truly suspicious activity and help you exceed regulatory expectations.

Security as priority

We work with industry-leading cloud architects and cyber security experts to implement a product and platform that is secure by design. We’re ISO 27001 registered and have SOC2 Type 2 certification. With our in-depth defence strategy and commitment to holistic security, you can rest assured that you and your data are in safe hands.

Our people./

We have an expert team driving forward our vision for compliance. With hundreds of years’ combined experience in compliance, IT, and financial services, our expertise is second to none. Innovation is defined and driven by our people, and that culture of change starts with our research and development.


Leading our global teams, our subject matter experts have rich experience gained over the years in financial institutions, technology and global organisations.


Driving innovation from our research and development hub is key to our success and we are fortunate to attract the very best minds in technology to help take us there.


It is a testament to our commitment to our clients’ success that we are trusted by over 200 financial institutions and FinTechs globally.

Meet Melissa Warren, Head of Partnerships./

Melissa Warren

Head of Partnerships

Get in touch./

Find us./

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