AML Transaction

Reduce risk and supercharge your compliance capabilities./

Napier’s AML Transaction Monitoring is a powerful solution that provides a systematic, intelligent review of an organisation’s transactions. It is simple to deploy and is designed to be used by non-technical business users.

Built on big data architecture, it can handle 100’s of millions of transactions with ease and enables businesses to rapidly strengthen their AML and CTF defences.

Rapid rules test-and-deploy capability
No code rule builder
Highly configurable dashboard
On-demand AML monitoring
AI-enhanced analytics

Define and build rules

Define and build rules easily with the intuitive interface that requires no coding to minimize false positives and detect anomalous transactions.

Our transaction monitoring system provides a full audit trail on all user- and system- generated actions and automates processes throughout the workflow.

Simulate, test and deploy

Test and iterate new rules easily in Napier’s Sandbox.

The clear interface and drop-down menus make it simple to build rules and scenarios on real data, then test before going live.  

As intelligence about suspicious behaviours is gathered, scenarios can be repeatedly tested to create even more effective rules. This flexibility means users can respond nimbly to changing compliance requirements and to changing criminal behaviours.

Enhance your analysis

Use machine learning to enhance transaction monitoring outcomes.

Our transaction monitoring system produces two scores: one from rule-based scenarios; and the other from advanced machine learning algorithms. Compare these scores to understand and prioritise daily workload.  

Using a combination of transactions, watchlists and historical customer behaviour our algorithms complement traditional rules-based reviews of customer activity and identify patterns that are difficult to spot amongst high volumes of data.

Manage cases and workflow

Teams can manage cases through a single, self-auditing platform that defines and unifies every step of an investigation.

View only the data that is relevant to a defined workflow with our highly configurable dashboard.   With access to a palette of over 80 widgets, users can control and configure what they see to ensure it is relevant and specific to their task.

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AML Transaction

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AML Transaction Monitoring./

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AML Transaction

Supercharge your compliance capabilities

Fact Sheet
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AML Transaction Monitoring./


STR Builder./

Designed to be used with Napier’s Transaction Monitoring and Screening solutions, the STR Builder helps compliance teams collate necessary data to build and submit high quality suspicious activity reports to the relevant enforcement agency securely and on time.

Napier’s STR Builder can help reduce the time involved in compiling suspicious transaction reports, with encrypted form-building providing complete assurance against tipping-off, and auto-collation accelerating the process.

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Transaction Monitoring

Dramatically reduce false positives, while still detecting truly suspicious activity, with our machine learning-enabled transaction monitoring system designed to be used by non-technical business users in organisations of all sizes.

Transaction Screening

Run real-time searches on payment or transactional data against multiple watch and sanctions lists to make rapid decisions about the level of risk associated with payments beneficiaries and originators.


Screen clients or entities against designated sanction lists while leveraging a machine-learning programme and advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reduce false positives.

Client Activity

Gain additional deeper insights about your customer’s activity with an automated ongoing review of all customer data - including transactions, payments and screening results - against their expected behaviour.

Risk-based Scorecard

Perform enhanced risk assessments to generate a risk level for each client. Use these levels as part of a risk-based assessment to optimise your screening and monitoring processes.

STR Builder

Facilitates faster, safer filing of STRs with data collation, automatic form completion, robust data security, and auto report submission. Fully compliant with global regulatory requirements, its benefits will transform any compliance function.

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