Advanced financial crime compliance technology./

Napier AI Continuum is a new class of AI-enhanced platform to connect data, control operations, and manage risk in a single, fully integrated financial crime risk management centre.

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Achieve a continuous and holistic view of risk while improving operational efficiency./

The Napier AI Continuum Platform./

The unified data layer offers an open, flexible, and trusted framework with adaptable models to suit your organisation’s unique data set requirements. Its architecture is ideally suited for scale and the needs of modern financial crime compliance teams to access and retrieve data at speed with low latency.
Inside Napier AI Continuum are all the tools your team needs to increase productivity with greater operational efficiencies and accuracy levels. The platform’s ‘always listening’ risk monitoring systems help compliance teams to zero in on substantive risk while initiating an automated response for everything else.
Control and command the entire workspace. Centralise tasks through configurable and intuitive dashboards enabled with feature-rich toolsets that span the platform to build a holistic, more persistent profile of financial crime risk anywhere in your ecosystem.

Replace slow manual tasks with fast automation and exceptional user experience./

Embrace the power of automated detection./

Manual ~30%
Investigation, Case Management & Submission to Regulators
Automated  ~70%
Workflow orchestration at scale with timely alerts
Napier AI Continuum delivers an enhanced user experience with integrated automation for low-level tasks, alerts, workflows, and case management so compliance teams can focus on more important tasks and investigations.

With automation embedded at platform level, and in each module, access to frictionless financial crime risk management has never been easier.
Jumpstart investigations by automating processes that involve tedious, repetitive, and manual tasks. Then bring in your teams to validate and act on important alerts, while extensive AI delivers faster, deeper insights to help you make the right decision.

AI Insights are presented in plain language so you don’t spend unnecessary time decoding mathematical jargon or code.

Move from reactive decisions to a strategic and proactive approach to AML operations./

Napier AI Continuum suits any deployment model./

We offer a world first in deployment choice. Napier AI Continuum can be deployed rapidly and securely in any cloud environment including fully managed standalone SaaS (in any Azure data center), any public cloud, any private cloud with choice of air-gapped solution, or hybrid cloud environments that can use the same tooling.

With Napier AI’s multi-org capability, you can ensure optimal usage of the operating environment by segregating entities within the single tenancy.
Napier AI’s award-winning modules are available as point solutions or can be taken together in a full suite to build a powerful risk management control centre.

Alternately, Napier AI Continuum can be used as an aggregation layer within existing AML/CTF frameworks to surface risks and optimise insights faster.

1 platform.
3 ways to connect./

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Augmentation Layer
Organisations with deep-rooted legacy systems can reap the benefits of Napier AI Continuum as an aggregation layer to upgrade existing operations in a matter of months.
Point solution
Napier Continuum’s modular approach to compliance is the perfect answer for organisations looking to build up their financial crime defence programme incrementally, or if looking for a point solution only.
End-to-end capability
Napier Continuum as an all-in-one solution delivers financial crime risk management fit for the future and will allow you to get operations up and running in no time, spanning the entire financial crime risk profile.
Increases productivity
Up to 97% false positive reduction
65%+ Improvement in case investigation time
Easily scales with business needs
Handles BN’s of transactions
Horizontally scalable and low latent technology
Flexible deployment options
Deployable on any leading cloud and on-premise
Improves ROI and time to value
£M’s of costs saved
Lowest TCO with no need for ongoing consultancy
Weeks to go live
Can be implemented to live in as little as 21 days
Enhances strategic risk management
View of client risk
Enables a perpetual view of customer risk
Smart detection of complex behaviour
Identifies hidden risk and lowers rates of false negatives

Embrace a modern operating environment designed for modern financial markets./

Financial crime risk management that scales with you.
Napier AI’s best-of-breed stack is designed to adapt to workloads, throughput and scaling needs to give you the confidence, control and capabilities to run successful financial crime risk programs now and into the future.

Reap the benefits of continued innovation through effortless upgrades with zero downtime or extend functionality by adding modules as business needs evolve.
Napier AI Continuum is designed for low latency, high data throughput digital environments, built with security as a priority with regular rigorous testing, vulnerability analysis, and solid back-up and disaster recovery.
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ISO 27001 : 2013 Certified
SOC2 Type 2 Audited
Assured data security

Award winning

Fintech & Payments Awards 2023
Juniper Research Winner: Platinum Award - Regtech Platform
Celent 2023
Financial Crime Compliance Technology: AML Transaction Monitoring
RegTech Insight Awards
Best AI Solution for Regulatory Compliance

Single platform

Users control their entire workspace from one place, centralising tasks through configurable and intuitive dashboards.

No code/low code

The low code environment is user-friendly allowing team members to execute tasks and calibrate rules in an intuitive sandbox environment for rapid testing and deployment.

Single view of the customer and activities

Drives convergence of data across solutions, teams, and jurisdictions.

Extensive automation throughout

Increases productivity and accuracy in investigations by automating low-level, manual tasks.

Comprehensive API support

Integrate with any third-party system to realise further benefits.

Best of breed tech stack

The best of breed technology and use of Kubernetes architecture is designed to adapt to your workloads, throughput, and scaling needs.

Microservice architecture

Our architecture promotes seamless upgrades and access to the latest innovations and benefits.

Advanced financial crime compliance technology./

Incorporate one or all of Napier AI’s cutting-edge AML tools in Napier AI Continuum to build an end-to-end approach to risk management.

Transaction Monitoring

Advanced machine-learning enabled transaction monitoring with integrated sandbox for rapid rules testing and deployment.
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Client Screening

Protect your organisation against the potential risks of engaging with sanctioned individuals or entities with Napier AI’s rapid screening capability using advanced fuzzy-matching algorithms that reduce false positives.
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Transaction Screening

Run rapid, real-time searches against multiple sanctions and watch lists to mitigate risks engaging with sanctioned individuals or entities.
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Client Activity Review

Gain additional deeper insights about your customer’s activity with an automated ongoing review of all customer data - including transactions, payments and screening results - against their expected behaviour.
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Client Risk Assessment

Perform enhanced risk assessments to generate a risk level for each client. Use these levels as part of a risk-based assessment to optimise your screening and monitoring processes.
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Regulatory Reporting Manager

Facilitates faster, safer filing of STRs with data collation, automatic form completion, robust data security, and auto report submission. Fully compliant with global regulatory requirements, its benefits will transform any compliance function.
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