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Intelligent Compliance./

AML & Trade Compliance

Trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions, our next generation Intelligent Compliance Platform is transforming AML & Trade Compliance./

Trusted by./

your compliance./

The Napier platform is fast, scalable and easily configurable. It rapidly strengthens your AML defences and compliance capabilities, while meeting your compliance obligations and challenges in any sector.

Our tools dramatically reduce both false positives and false negatives, empower compliance teams to make validated decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Approved by world leaders in risk management./

Platform features./

Single unified compliance platform

Napier’s single unified platform integrates multiple compliance solutions into one master dashboard.

Flexible deployment

Should you need to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, we work with you closely to deliver the right outcome for your organisation.

Scalable from zero to infinity

Our highly scalable platform can scale to match organisations of all sizes and sophistication, from start-ups to large global organisations.

Change and test the rules

Define, iterate and test rules in our unique sandbox testing environment built specifically for non-technical business users. Test new rules on real data and compare the results before deploying to live.

Highly configurable and intuitive UI

Our easily configurable dashboard gives you a view relevant to your tasks, allowing you to spot at a glance where suspicious activity may be occurring.

AI-enhanced insights

Complement your existing rules-based processes with AI to empower your analysts to make faster and more meaningful decisions based on machine learning insights.

Reduce false positives

Using the very latest in AI and machine learning, Napier helps dramatically reduce real false positives and correctly identify more false negatives.

Automated reporting and intuitive workflow

Increase your team’s efficiency and outcomes with intuitive workflows and superior task automation.

Award-winning technology./

National Technology Awards

Shortlisted 2020.


Shortlisted 2020.

Regtech Insight

Best Vendor Solutions for
Financial Crime 2020.

Finovate Awards

Shortlisted - Best Regtech Solution 2020

FinTech Awards

Winner - Best AI-Powered AML Platform 2020


Why Napier./

Policy focus

We will work with you to ensure your organisation’s AML and risk policies are reflected in the outcomes that you get from our platform and that they exceed regulatory demands.

Flexible deployment

Should you need to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, we work with you closely to deliver the right outcome for your organisation.

Continuous success

We provide every customer with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to a 24-hour support portal as we believe you deserve the best experience possible when using our software.

Security as priority

We work with industry leading cloud architects and cyber security experts to implement a product and platform that is secure by design. With our in-depth defence strategy and commitment to holistic security, you can rest assured that you, and your data, are in safe hands.

Data independence

We work with all 3rd party data vendors and can help you select the right provider for your organisation.

Subscription model

Continuous innovation delivered bi-annually at no additional cost.

Enhanced by AI & Machine Learning./

Futureproof your operational efficiency by leveraging AI and machine learning. Use Napier's AI-powered insights to enhance your rule-based approach and enable your compliance teams to cut through vast volumes of data to focus on high risk red flags. Machine learning and advanced analytics offer automatic pattern identification and risk assessment to empower your team to investigate only truly suspicious activity and help you exceed regulatory expectations.

"We researched the market and Napier came out as a clear winner with the best use of next generation technology in the AML space."

Wendy Langridge, Chief Regulatory Officer, BCS Global Markets

We are Napier./

Napier is the world’s first end-to-end intelligent compliance platform. We want to change organisations’ attitudes to compliance, making it a proactive strength that gives businesses a competitive edge.

We know we can make a real difference, by focusing on efficiency and outcomes. That’s why we have built an evolving suite of intelligent compliance products that aims to capture and share best practice across all sectors.

By offering the most effective solutions for businesses, we can transform compliance.


Our solutions./


Dramatically reduce false positives, while still detecting truly suspicious activity, with our machine learning-enabled transaction monitoring system designed to be used by non-technical business users in organisations of all sizes.


Run real-time searches on payment or transactional data against multiple watch and sanctions lists to make rapid decisions about the level of risk associated with payments beneficiaries and originators.


Screen clients or entities against designated sanction lists while leveraging a machine-learning programme and advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reduce false positives.

Client Activity

Gain additional deeper insights about your customer’s activity with an automated ongoing review of all customer data - including transactions, payments and screening results - against their expected behaviour.

Risk-Based Scorecard Review

Perform enhanced risk assessments to generate a risk level for each client. Use these levels as part of a risk-based assessment to optimise your screening and monitoring processes.


Screen entities against designated sanctions and watch lists using advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reduce false positives.


Ingest, enrich and analyse unprecedented quantities of data from multiple sources in real-time at a fraction of the cost (and in a fraction of the time) of legacy systems. Adding insight, whatever the sector.


Award-winning software built by experts

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