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Intelligent Compliance./

AML & Trade Compliance

Our Expertise

Machine learning

Use the very latest AI to aid your analysts in identifying true false negatives, and highlighting false positives

Quick to deploy

Install or reinforce your AML system in a matter of hours, on premise or cloud, and instantly adapt to new regulations.

Configure and test new rules

Define and test new rules and regulatory scenarios through a graphical UI built for non-technical business users.

Enhance your AML

Rapidly plug holes in your existing AML processes, identify previously unknown threats and strengthen your controls.

Rapid scenario testing

Use a dedicated test area to reduce false positives by up to 97% and uncover hidden money laundering patterns.

Fully customisable

An AML platform adaptable to every company’s needs, from global to boutique financial services firms.

Our Solutions

Transaction Monitoring

Rapidly build and test rules to reduce false positives within transaction monitoring processes with this machine learning-enabled product which is designed to be used by non-technical business users in organisations of all sizes.

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Screen parties involved in transactions and utilise machine learning  programme and advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reduce false positives.

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Screen clients or entities against sanction lists while leveraging machine-learning programme and advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reduce false positives.

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Client Activity

Automate the review of customers and their accounts against expected behaviour to fulfil regulatory requirements efficiently with a full audit trail.

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Risk-based Scorecard Review

Perform enhanced risk assessments to generate a risk level for each client. Use these levels as part of a risk-based assessment to optimize your screening and monitoring processes.

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Screen entities against sanctions lists while using advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reduce false positives.

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Trade compliance


Ingest, enrich and analyse unprecedented quantities of data from multiple sources in real-time at a fraction of the cost (and in a fraction of the time) of legacy systems. Adding insight, whatever the sector.



Define risk-based scenarios through a graphical UI. No need to code complex queries or algorithms.


Ingest and process billions of data points from multiple sources and identify suspicious transactions and behaviours in real-time.


Allocate investigations to team members, and manage the process from identification through to action and outcome.

Award-winning software built by experts

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