Reduces false positives and accurately alerts on risks./

Napier’s Transaction Screening solution is designed with operational efficiencies in mind, our easy-to-use screening configuration builder helps you stay on top of changing sanctions obligations, while the intuitive graphical interface automatically presents intelligence on your customers in a clear visual format, empowering analysts to make better decisions.

Built on big data architecture, it can handle 100’s of millions of transactions with ease and enables businesses to rapidly strengthen their AML and CTF defences.

Dashboard Reporting
Integrated Sandbox
Intelligent Data Explorer
AI Advisor

Ready to use Transaction Screening

Napier’s Transaction Screening is easy to use and can be deployed rapidly into your compliance environment.

The solution automatically screens transactions in real time against sanctions lists. It provides a full audit trail on all user- and system-generated actions as you progress hits through the workflow.

Advanced dashboard reporting

Our dashboards give compliance team leaders a top-down view of key screening activity.

Team leaders can easily see current screening configurations and view customers that are creating the most hits. The dashboards also provide a graphical view of team activity and workflows - highlighting any issues with backlog, workload, and performance.

Highly efficient alert review process

The system automatically highlights data for review so analysts can see immediately what needs to be investigated.

Furthermore, analysts can explore all customer and intelligence data on one dashboard, removing the need to switch between windows or systems. Bulk operations and keyboard shortcuts make workflows easier to manage by shortening the time it takes to conduct a review.

Enhanced matching capabilities

Natural language processing and advanced matching algorithms reduce false positives, allowing analysts to focus on real alerts. Napier’s Transaction Screening matching engine boasts robust cross-language support and a linguistic knowledge matching capability to support 18 languages including simplified Chinese and Arabic.

The system automatically suggests matches on entities that would have previously been missed due to localisation, nicknames, and synonyms, improving the alert rate.

AI Advisor

Powered by artificial intelligence, AI Advisor helps analysts review alerts faster by identifying false positives in client screening. Using artificial intelligence to analyse screening matches and determine whether the match can be discounted or requires further review, AI Advisor supports manual decision making and a rule-based approach.

AI Advisor provides an explanation which helps the user to understand the key factors that were influential in its decision. This ensures users can quickly understand why an alert has been created and what is unusual about it, enabling them to make an informed decision on the quality of the match.

The additional insights from AI Advisor which analyse multiple additional variables over and above the rules criteria help to reduce false positives further by up to 40%, further enhancing the up to 80% reduction we traditionally see with our screening solutions.  

Integrated sandbox to test screening configurations

In Napier’s Transaction Screening sandbox analysts can fine-tune screening configurations based on results from actual data, before committing changes to the live environment. This enables analysts to understand the impact any changes will have and offers direct comparison with the current configuration.

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AML Transaction Screening./

Fact Sheet

AML Transaction

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Fact Sheet
Transaction Screening
Napier’s Transaction Screening solution is designed with operational efficiency in mind to reduce false positives and accurately alert on risks.
Fact Sheet
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AML Transaction Screening./

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AML Transaction Screening./

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Dramatically reduce false positives, while still detecting truly suspicious activity, with our machine learning-enabled transaction monitoring system designed to be used by non-technical business users in organisations of all sizes.

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