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Transaction monitoring is a cornerstone of compliance and plays an essential role in the global fight against money laundering.
Banks appeal for laws to share information amongst themselves, criminals launder relief money and FinCEN looks to monitor more crypto transactions.
If you didn't catch our webinar which looked at current challenges in fighting money laundering, and ways to improve the current system, you can do so here.
AUSTRAC is buried in junk reports, whilst regulators in Paraguay and Singapore take steps towards upping the ante in the fight against financial crime.
Deutsche Bank looks to cut Trump ties; Goldman Sachs holds leaders responsible for the 1MDB scandal and the art world remains a loophole for financial crime
If there was ever a good time to take a step back and look at the effectiveness of transaction monitoring, then that time is now.
Officials seek a 6-month minimum sentence for SARs leak, U.S banks look to onboard the cannabis industry and Dutch police seize $33 million in Bitcoin
Julian Dixon
October 29, 2020
In October we spoke to Peter Coleman of Aegis. Peter is, as he describes, on the pointy edge of compliance. Discover AML insights from our AMA with him.
Goldman Sachs pays a record penalty for 1MDB ties, the EU takes legal action on “golden passports” and compliance officers seek answers for the FinCEN leak
Mariola Marzouk
October 21, 2020
The infamous FinCEN leak overshadowed a very insightful compliance survey report by the US Government Accountability Office - Here is our summary.
The impact of the FinCEN files leaks – Insights from our recent webinar with RAW Compliance.
It is our pleasure to announce that Mariola Marzouk joins Napier as our new Head of Product!
We are proud to announce that we have placed 4th on the Great Place to Work’s UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech, Small Organisation list!
Hill & Associates Singapore and Napier have come together to make Napier’s cutting-edge compliance technology available to their clients in the APAC region
The FinCEN files have brought to light huge gaps in global systems that regulate dirty money.
Julian Dixon
October 1, 2020
During our ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, the entire Napier team gets to spend an hour with a heavyweight in the world of AML, compliance or enforcement.
Julian Dixon
September 25, 2020
FinCEN leaks have exposed huge faults in global AML systems whilst laying blame almost squarely on banks. Find out why we believe it shouldn't be that way.
The need to do AML better is not just a social responsibility case, it’s a business case too. Learn how Predictive Analytics can improve AML systems here.
Criminals have been taking advantage of crypto assets as they are largely under regulated in comparison to traditional institutions.
High levels of AML related regulatory fines and the tiny proportion of illicit funds that are recovered - despite the amount spent on financial crime compliance - show that the current methods for detecting financial crime are falling short. Find out why in this blog.
Standard Chartered is fined 1 billion rupees, Deutsche Bank receives a slap on the wrist and EU watchdogs suggest a single set of AML rules for the region.
Regardless of how you feel, despite massive digital advances, cash remains firmly rooted in our society. There are currently over 70 billion pounds worth of notes in circulation, which is perhaps surprisingly roughly twice as much as 10 years ago.
Germany will begin questioning officials on the Wirecard scandal, while China finally takes steps towards improving their AML measures and the UK pays snitches to catch out tax evaders.
Cyprus is in the spotlight in the week’s headlines, whilst the FCA broadens financial crime reporting obligations to include crypto assets.
Napier’s 1.12 platform update brings new and exciting features to help companies manage and improve their AML processes.
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