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NXTsoft partners with Napier to accelerate AML API connectivity

We are proud to announce that NXTsoft institutions has partnered with us to give financial institutions accelerated access to our cutting-edge AML and compliance technology

Napier AI
May 11, 2021

We are proud to announce that NXTsoft, the market leader in comprehensive, secure API connectivity for fintechs and financial institutions has partnered with us to give financial institutions accelerated access to our cutting-edge AML and compliance technology using NXTsoft's adaptable API connectivity offering, OmniConnect.

Currently we work with financial institutions around the globe to provide an AI-led platform for intelligent AML and trade compliance. Our partnership with NXTsoft will provide pre-built API capabilities to the Napier intelligent compliance platform, enabling financial institutions to fast-track their digital transformation and compliance strategy.

“Companies are struggling to keep up with continuously increasing regulatory requirements and Napier is purpose built to help with this challenge. Data availability and integration are often a challenge so Napier selected NXTsoft’s OmniConnect solution because we wanted to offer our clients the market-leading approach to API connectivity,” said Dave Burns, chief revenue officer at Napier. “NXTsoft provides that capability with their widely adopted pre-built connectivity which will allow financial institutions to plug into the Napier platform easily to access our innovative and sophisticated compliance solution.”

With over 25 years in delivering API connectivity to financial institutions, NXTsoft has worked with thousands of organizations worldwide. NXTsoft’s OmniConnect uses cutting-edge technology to connect solutions to financial institutions, to securely transmit data in real-time between a financial institution’s core systems and the ancillary application. The partnership with NXTsoft accelerates the critical connection to internal systems and improves the time to value for the Napier solution.

“Compliance is such a huge concern for any financial institution. Napier’s intelligent compliance solution enables financial institutions to access a faster, smarter way to meet regulatory requirements while driving business efficiency,” said David Brasfield, chief executive officer of NXTsoft. “NXTsoft is proud to partner with Napier to help them connect their award-winning solution to customers quickly and in a secure manner.”

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