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Insights from gaming expert Bob Boyle on the growth of the industry and best practices for driving regulatory compliance.
Insights from the session ‘The Evolving Role of Financial Crime Compliance’ at Napier’s Disrupt Fincrime event in London, by Mark Gregory, Director Forensics Practice, PwC UK.
Napier Continuum solution won the Waters Technology Asia Awards,2023 for the best KYC/AML Service in the industry.
Insights on the realities of AML transformation in banking and payments from our panel in Stockholm.
Will Monk, Chief Product Officer at Napier, considers the impact of language-based AI on the finance and banking sectors – particularly when it comes to fighting financial crime.
Mariya Pattara
June 21, 2023
Napier has been listed in the top 100 AI Fintechs in the world leveraging artificial intelligence.
Chartis, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk, recognized Napier as a category leader across multiple quadrants in its latest report
Insights from the SEACEN course on New Tools in Supervisory Monitoring and Examination, by Robin Lee on Perpetual Client Risk Assessment (pCRA).
A summary of the transaction monitoring best practice guide ‘Effectiveness Matters’ from ACAMS.
Our Chief Product Officer Will Monk explores the top four themes driving complexity and dynamics in the Financial Crime Compliance space.
Panel insights from Napier’s inaugural Disrupt Fincrime event in London on the theme ‘Balancing innovation and regulation’.
Napier’s chief data scientist, Dr Janet Bastiman, has been appointed to the FCA’s newly created Synthetic Data Expert Group, a sub-group of the Innovation Advisory Group (IAG).
Having the right data strategy for financial crime compliance can protect and empower you. Insights from Gem Conn, Dow Jones.
How can financial institutions identify and report indicators of modern slavery? Insights from EY’s interactive modern slavery hackathon.
Aidan Houlihan
May 16, 2023
The sanctions landscape continues to evolve; client screening is ripe for innovation; and more: five key takeaways from ACAMS Hollywood 2023
Panel insights from Napier’s inaugural Napier Disrupt Fincrime conference in Singapore on the theme ‘Balancing innovation and regulation’.
FCA toughens safeguards against Post Office money laundering; global AMF guidelines published.
Whistleblowers are the unsung heroes in the fight against financial crime, shining a light on illicit activities and holding wrongdoers accountable.
To cement our commitment to the region and to better serve our existing and new customers in the French market, we’ve been joined by Charles Duport.
SRA demands for economic crime information predicted to be heavy; Operation Mekong Dragon endorsed by TRAFFIC; and new high value and luxury goods dealer guidance published.
AI good practices and regulations for compliance frameworks, from around the world.
More focus on AML in London and modern slavery in the UK; Canada updates AML assessment amidst frustration over sanctions blocking access to legitimate funds.
Napier’s chief product officer Will Monk offers advice on how to build a resilient Client Screening programme that maintains compliance effectively while managing costs efficiently.
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