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The US charged the kingpin of an international laundering scheme; Fiji seized a sanctioned oligarch's superyacht; and an Irish journalist is sanctioned for Russian media links.
Read our summary of the recent RUSI report on how sanctions are used to combat organised crime, and what lessons can be learned for the future.
UK MPs push for specialist fraught fighting unit and the BVI premier arrested for drug trafficking and money laundering.
We spoke to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Karyn Kenny about the need for greater collaboration between the public and private sectors to share information and clamp down on financial crime.
The FATF reported on member states crypto regulations, watchdog warns of sanction evasion through illicit gold and South Africa and Interpol bust cybercrime gang.
We explain what NFTs are, what makes them so attractive to criminals, and how a robust AML approach can help financial institutions mitigate NFT risks.
A US crypto expert is jailed for helping North Korea; Switzerland end an 11-year-old probe into Egypt’s ex-president; and Chinese regulators crack down on NFTs.
OwlTing Group, a blockchain technology enterprise, will leverage our AI-enhanced technology solutions to develop an effective financial crime compliance system.
We talk about why financial institutions implement AI for compliance, and discuss some of the most common implementation pitfalls as well as how to avoid them.
Authorities seized a sanctioned Russian businessman’s yacht; the UK Treasury is to launch an NFT; and Colombia extended reporting deadlines for cryptoasset traders.
We teamed up with Fintrail for a choose-your-own-adventure session for compliance professionals to discover the steps and pitfalls in AI implementation for AML.
We’ve gathered financial crime book recommendations and must-reads from our colleagues at Napier and our friends across the industry.
We hosted an event with the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers, here’s what the panel shared on how AI can detect the flow of dirty money.
Millions stolen from Kenya by a Jersey company to be returned; a US man is convicted of COVID-19 relief fraud; and Lebanon's central bank chief’s assets were frozen.
An expert panel explored the need for collaboration and sharing of financial crime typologies, and how AI can help to support this type of collaboration.
Refinitiv’s Emma Miller explains why data is the critical ingredient and the three key considerations for FIs looking to implement AI for AML.
Global collaboration aims to stop Russians skirting sanctions; South Korean crypto exchanges anticipate FATF’s travel rule; and Thailand bans crypto payments.
We examine the rising risk factors faced by payment services providers and why those risks are on the rise.
We summarised the key findings of a study on money laundering and terrorist financing by the US Department of the Treasury, which was mandated by Congress.
UK auction houses halt sales of Russian art; the UK Government backtracks on sanctions to allow the sale of Chelsea FC; and Australia is courting FATF’s grey list.
We explain what the UK’s Economic Crime Bill means for sanctions compliance and financial crime in the UK.
We are excited to announce several key hires to the Napier team in Europe as part of our global growth plans and commitment to invest further in our EMEA operations.
We spoke to Marc Fungard from K2 Integrity to discover if the convergence of intelligence, tech and data could be the answer to combatting financial crime.
The 2021-22 Economic Crime report delivered a sobering reality with a lot for the anti-money laundering (AML) industry to improve upon.
US-based credit card firms block Russian businesses; a UK woman was arrested in Spain on 9-year-old VAT fraud charges; and a New Zealand money mule pleaded guilty.
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