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The invasion of Ukraine put pressure on the UK Government over an economic crime bill; Scotland rebooted its organised crime strategy; and the EU’s planned watchdog will tackle crypto crime.
We explore why STR numbers are rising every year, what that means for financial institutions and FIUs charged with processing these vital documents.
An ex-MP claims he was forced to drop AML measures; Spanish police hit a crypto laundering gang; and Canada took aim at the 'freedom convoy' funding streams.
11 eyebrow-raising facts about FinCrime and money laundering that highlight the most prevalent issues the AML industry is up against.
Oliver Bullough’s book darkly details the fictional country of ‘Moneyland’ and the very real prevalence of it as a system of corruption and dirty money in our world.
A New York couple faced charges for record-breaking crypto theft; an Australian duo are in prison; and an 80-year-old retired nun in LA will serve time.
Napier is proud to announce that LGIAsuper, a Queensland-based superannuation fund, has adopted its Transaction Monitoring and Client Screening tools.
This week a crypto hack concerned investors, Interpol shut down illegal wildlife trafficking routes and the NCA seizes £5.6m linked to an Azerbaijani politician.
Alexandria Reid, a RUSI Senior Research Fellow, talks to us about organised environmental crime, including the illegal wildlife trade, and how AML should be adapting.
This week an MP resigned over written-off Covid relief fraud money; 13 were arrested for Covid pass forgery; and a report exposed a huge money laundering trail.
We summarise the 2021 GAO report, explaining how TCOs and terrorist groups traffic goods and launder the proceeds; and how US authorities combat this.
We outline the key challenges that compliance professionals face when tasked with filing STRs and how technology can help alleviate those challenges.
Malta fines an online gaming company for AML failings; the UK gambling commission cracks down on two online casinos for AML shortcomings; and a Macau woman faces prison.
We sum up 3 key takeaways from the FinCEN Financial Threat Analysis to improve detection of illicit wildlife trafficking threat patterns.
Kevin O’Neill joins us as Chief Revenue Officer to help drive further growth across global operations.
A radical iman’s son jailed for money laundering; the EU may stop Vanuatu's visa waivers over laundering risks; and AUSTRAC probes further into casino’s AML failures.
We explore 3 predicate crimes for money laundering and explain how their perpetrators can exploit the financial system to launder their illicit funds.
This week: a Swedish ex-banking CEO charged with fraud; a former Mexican political leader jailed on sex recruiting charges; and a gang of Twitch scammers arrested in Turkey.
In this blog, we talk to Amanda Gore about environmental crime, the challenges involved in tackling it, and how things could be improved.
The FATF Annual Report 2020/21 is now available to download. If you don’t have time to read it, here’s our quick summary loaded with all you need to know.
Ex-Olympian allegedly duped a Covid relief fund out of millions; suspicious financial flows from Hockey India; and an Argentinian footballer accused of laundering.
Julian Dixon looks at the key AML themes and developments of 2021 and what we can expect from 2022.
Illegal pollution is the result of criminals trafficking and dumping industrial and radioactive waste, and often they launder the proceeds.
Corrupt officials aren’t taking time off this festive season, as a former DEA agent is jailed for money laundering and other offences involving a Columbian drug cartel.
Filing STRs has long presented a challenge for financial institutions, and in response the global STR landscape is gradually but positively changing.