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Andy Maguire takes a seat on our Advisory Board to provide insight and strategic direction as we continue our rapid global expansion.
When it comes to AML solutions, end-to-end systems are becoming increasingly important. But why? And what exactly does this term mean anyway?
APAC takes centre stage as HK$8 billion is laundered through Hong Kong, Crown Resorts expect further investigations, and the Philippines is set to introduce a new money laundering framework.
As we return to work after the Chinese New Year break, I’ve had time to reflect on Napier’s APAC journey so far, including who we are today and who we strive to be.
A $2 shell company helped laundered millions of dollars, North Korean hackers find a way to fund the regime and Mastercard is set to allow crypto payments.
Our Chief Operating Officer Greg Watson and Chief AI Officer Luca Primerano had the pleasure of speaking at the AML & FinCrime Tech Forum hosted by FinTech Global.
Buy now, pay later firms create problems for banks, the UAE imposes fines on 11 institutions and Malta is set to limit cash transactions.
We had the pleasure of bringing together an incredible group of women in our webinar dedicated to looking at the current challenges facing the world of compliance.
Earlier this month, our CEO Julian Dixon was invited to chat to Claus Christensen, CEO and co-founder of Know Your Customer, as part of its regular RegTalks series.
Napeier has been selected as the AML/CTF technology platform of choice for one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Australia Post.
Antonis Melis
January 22, 2021
Capital One admits to AML failures, the Vatican bank convicts a former senior official and Australian banks helped wash money for cartels.
Janet Bastiman
January 21, 2021
Technological advances combined with important ethical and moral considerations have helped ensure the best AI-powered AML systems are now highly explainable and therefore simple for data analysts to use.
China triples their AML related fines in 2020, Australian banks come in second for the highest value of fines and Deutsche Bank enters and ends another scandal.
6AMLD is the EU’s most comprehensive regulation yet in the fight against money laundering. It gives authorities more power to prosecute and it heaves more responsibility on to businesses to comply.
Singapore and the U.S. look to better integrate the crypto market and Wells Fargo makes amends to its previous AML failures
The European Union’s (EU) Sixth Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) came into effect a little over a month ago. What does this mean for you?
Nicolette Brown
December 17, 2020
Computers are amazing at doing dull, repetitive tasks. They’re also great at being precise. Since we humans are terrible at doing dull tasks and quite bad at being precise, this makes us a match made in heaven.
With the changing role of technology, it is only natural that the role of the analyst must evolve too. In this blog we review the role of the compliance analyst.
We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Regulation Asia’s Award for Excellence as the Best Solution in the AML/CFT compliance category.
Britain and the US take major steps in combating financial crime related to shell companies, and FATF releases a report on trade-based money laundering.
Our Chief Data Scientist Janet Bastiman discusses how to use AI to analyse customer behaviour and identify financial crime in the midst of a global pandemic.
Napier AI
December 8, 2020
AI holds the key to successful AML but its success rests on considered implementation
European countries come together to fight money mules, JPMorgan and Standard Chartered helped move a con man’s money and Cash Converters falls into AUSTRAC’s sights.
Archan Bahulekar
December 3, 2020
Ultimate beneficial ownership and indeed money laundering hasn’t always been taken as seriously as you might expect.
Discover the four main ways that technology can help us to identify suspicious activity.
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