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What are the top 5 things to look for in a transaction screening system and why is each important to the screening process as part of a robust AML system?
Regulation Asia hosted a webinar in which Dr Janet Bastiman and her fellow panellists discuss the use of data analytics, AI, and machine learning for AML/CFT; the challenges to adoption, and how to build an AI/machine learning roadmap.
This week we cover Ukraine’s AML operations in the crypto sector, Hong Kong upping the ante against wildlife trafficking, and Australia’s State regulators clamping down on the casino industry.
Discover the Napier screening solution in the final blog of our series on sanctions screening, including how it works to cut false positives by more than 90%.
BCB Group will be using Napier’s Transaction Screening and Transaction Monitoring tools to flag any suspicious activity as it happens, and to support their ongoing commitment to leading the way with anti-money laundering compliance in the UK crypto market.
Trump Organisation’s purchase of Scottish golf courses now open to probing alongside other financial crime news stories in Napier's weekly news roundup.
Read a summary of the main points covered by LexisNexis' 2020 report on the global cost of compliance, and discover what its findings mean for the future of the AML industry.
Payment transfer specialist OnePip will be using Napier’s technology as part of new anti-money laundering (AML) controls and to comply with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulations.
Luca Primerano
August 10, 2021
The latest chapter in our blog series on sanctions screening, where we outline best practices for approaching the sanctions screening process.
DOJ says Florida resident engaged in scam with Venezuelan officials and other global financial crime stories are covered in this week's Napier news roundup.
Napier AI
August 5, 2021
In July, we spoke to Luke Raven: Senior Manager, AML Advisory and SME Financial Crime at Westpac about financial crime regulation in Australia.
Napier head of APAC Robin Lee spoke about the need for a holistic approach to AML compliance, what the future of AML looks like, and what effective use of technology looks like.
In the third part of a blog series on sanctions screening, we explain why legacy sanctions screening systems cause false positives and how technology can help avoid sanctions violations.
UK cops scrap online fraud reporting service after call centre staff called victims “morons”, Mexican drug cartels use fishermen to traffic cocaine, and PayPal joins fight against financing of extremism via its platform in USA.
We talk about the importance of due diligence in the second of a blog series on the challenges of sanctions screening, and the prevention of false positives using the latest AI and big data tech.
On the 20th of July, Napier and NXTsoft joined forces to host a webinar aimed at exploring the journey of digitalisation businesses have been on over the last few decades, what is still yet to come in that journey, and what the future of AML and KYC looks like.
David Geale, FCA director of retail banking and payments supervision, has ordered retail banks which to provide evidence of gap analysis in their AML procedures by September.
The first of a new blog series on the challenges of sanctions screening, screening processes and the prevention of false positives through use of the latest AI and big data technology.
Napier’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Data Scientist share their expertise in the Data Protection World Forum webinar, explaining why Instant payments need instant screening, the issues with existing screening technology, and what causes false positives.
We are excited to announce that we have extended our global footprint further by opening a new office at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).
Janet Bastiman
July 19, 2021
Discover what AI explainability is and how it can help your compliance department.
What happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas as an International drug-smuggling and money laundering ring was recently busted by the FBI
Napier AI
July 13, 2021
In July we spoke to Nizam Ismael of Ethikom Consultancy. Nizam has over 27 years' experience in financial services, regulatory compliance and litigation. Discover insights from our AMA with him.
Biden’s 15% global tax proposal has worldwide approval, USA’s financial crime watchdog creates cryptocurrency crime role.
The impact of the logging industry in the Amazon can be brutal. Find out why in our latest blog on green crime.
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