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Napier, the London-based financial crime compliance RegTech, is pleased to announce that Napier Continuum has been selected as the anti-money laundering (AML) platform for Satchel, one of Europe’s fastest growing Banking as a Service (BaaS) digital banking providers.
David Choi from Oliver Wyman shares some use cases in which generative AI can be used for financial crime compliance.
How wealth & asset management firms can tackle increased regulations and scrutiny on financial crime compliance.
Regulators are shining their spotlights on the failings of the payments sector to tackle money laundering. Nick Portalski discusses a fast start guide to compliance.
Learn how to balance risk with reward when implementing AI into your financial rime compliance process. Listen to our new podcast featuring Dr Janet Bastiman, Napier’s Chief Data Scientist.
An end-to-end AML compliance solution to streamline customer lifecycle management.
Are your compliance teams ready for the transaction surge in the holiday season?
Focus your compliance team’s efforts on hits that truly require manual intervention.
By meeting the needs of the Consumer Duty, financial institutions can not only achieve compliance, but ensure resiliency.
Recap of our latest webinar AI regulation and innovation: Is a risk-based approach the best option for payments?
The Wolfsberg Group’s revised Standards for payments transparency explained.
As we journey through the evolving landscape of generative AI, it is set to have a huge impact across all sectors, including financial services.
The swiftness and simplicity of neobanks are redefining banking experience for a new generation of tech-savvy customers. What does this mean for anti-money laundering compliance?
Janet Bastiman
October 24, 2023
AI's prominence in AML isn't just a passing trend; it's a response to criminals using advanced technology in an evolving financial landscape. However, it's imperative that we do not rely on AI as a silver bullet, and that we do not conflate myths surrounding it as fact.
In an era marked by the proliferation of cashless societies, the financial crime landscape is undergoing a profound transformation.
Napier’s Continuum, the intelligent compliance platform, has been awarded ‘Platinum Winner’ in the 2023 Juniper Future Digital Fintech & Payments Awards.
Committing to innovation with diversity of thought. 
AI can play a dual role in both combatting and facilitating financial crime, so how can experts better utilise AI for good?
Learn from global payments companies about trends in the industry and how to address them while remaining compliant.
Create clarity in AI in AML implementation by focusing on a unique blend of expertise, data training and mitigation methods to prevent bias seeping in.
Explore how Napier and GRCS are working together to address AML challenges in Japan's financial landscape.
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