Regulatory Reporting Manager./

Transform suspicious activity reporting with safer, easier filing./

Napier AI’s Regulatory Reporting Manager facilitates faster, safer filing of higher quality suspicious activity reports (SARs) that are fully compliant with global regulatory requirements.

Designed to be used with Napier AI’s Transaction Monitoring and Screening solutions, the Regulatory Reporting Manager helps compliance teams collate necessary data to build and submit high quality suspicious activity reports to the relevant enforcement agency securely and on time.

Napier AI’s Regulatory Reporting Manager can help reduce the time involved in compiling suspicious activity reports, with encrypted form-building providing complete assurance against tipping-off, and auto-collation which accelerates the process.

Challenges to SAR compliance./

Submitting SARs (also known as STRs or SMRs) is a mandatory part of AML/CTF reporting obligations and is crucial to combatting financial and organised crime.

However, submission has long posed difficulties for regulated organisations and enforcement agencies, due to stringent global SAR regulations. 

Collating data for an SAR can be time-consuming, often leading to poor quality reports that enforcement agencies overlook or possibly reject.

Auto collation and population of report data
Auto submission of report forms where regulation allows
Assured compliance with tipping-off regulations

Auto form completion

The Regulatory Reporting Manager collects relevant data from across the Napier platform to automatically complete up to 80% of the form with the information required for SARs and to maintain an audit trail.

This greatly improves the speed and quality of reporting, alleviating the stress of missing the required reporting deadline.

Auto report submission

By integrating with financial intelligence units/enforcement agencies that allow auto-submission, and providing downloadable prefilled forms for those that don’t, the Regulatory Reporting Manager improves the ease and efficiency of submitting reports to FIUs.

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Regulatory Reporting Manager./

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Regulatory Reporting Manager./

Fact Sheet

Regulatory Reporting Manager./

Transform you suspicious activity reporting process with safer, easier filing.

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Regulatory Reporting Manager./

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Regulatory Reporting Manager

Facilitates faster, safer filing of STRs with data collation, automatic form completion, robust data security, and auto report submission. Fully compliant with global regulatory requirements, its benefits will transform any compliance function.

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