WEBINAR | FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening

WEBINAR | FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening

FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening

In this episode, we’re discussing challenges around screening and the technology behind screening systems. Jeanne Le Garrec, Regional Director, ASEAN region at Basis Technology joins Hwee Kun Ho, Head of Sales, APAC at Napier to talk about how the power of two strengthens screening technology needed to address screening alerts in an organisation’s anti-money laundering process.

If you would like to see how our solution can address your screening and AML challenges, contact us for a demo today.

Napier brings pressing topics to the discussion in “FinCrime in Focus”, where we aim to educate and shine a light on issues that matter most to Risk and Compliance officers. We partner with industry experts, inviting them to join Napier as guest speakers to share their knowledge and broaden listeners’ perspectives. The topics we cover are applicable to Banks, Insurance, Asset Management firms, and all other financial and regulated services.

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