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Napier installs client screening platform for Utmost Group in just 21 days

Utmost Group, has updated its financial crime compliance capabilities by integrating Napier’s client screening platform in just 21 days

Napier AI
January 31, 2023

At Napier, we’re only too aware of the frustrations of long lead times and unmet schedules, which is why we’ve designed adaptive solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily.  One such is the installation we’ve just completed for Utmost Group, a leading provider of insurance and savings solutions, which updated its financial crime compliance capabilities in association with us in just 21 days.

Napier’s client screening solution, which went live ahead of schedule, has been introduced both to support the company’s current compliance strategy and to build in the ability to scale further in future.  The Napier team met these extraordinarily tight timescales in deploying the solution to meet the deadline imposed by the expiration of licences by the outgoing partner.  

Chief risk officer at Utmost International Isle of Man, Paul Smith said: “We needed to rapidly migrate and then implement our existing screening protocols to the new system, so we were delighted that Napier was able to merge two legacy systems neatly into a single hosted instance while levelling up our capabilities.”  

He continued: “Compliance requirements inevitably evolve over time as risks also change and criminals become more sophisticated.  As the business continues to grow,  we are delighted to have a new scalable and user-friendly system  that will keep us one step ahead of our obligations and enhance our overall services.”  

Napier’s Client Screening solution provides automated screening clients at relevant intervals against sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists, and other key watchlists. The AI capabilities will enable more accurate screening and help the group to reduce volumes of false alerts.

Chief revenue officer at Napier, Kevin O’Neill said: “We are excited to work with Utmost Group and are looking forward to providing them with best-of-breed client screening and hosting services. We are confident that with our AI powered technologies Utmost Group will be well equipped to provide safe and secure insurance and savings solutions, while adhering to the highest industry standards.”

With assets under administration of approx. £58bn and 550,000 customers (as of 30 June 2022), Utmost Group is headquartered in London and operates in markets across UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Middle East. It has two business subsidiaries, Utmost International and Utmost Life and Pensions.

Napier is trusted by financial institutions, including tier-one banks, asset managers, insurance firms, and other regulated organisations globally, to provide advanced financial crime compliance technology that achieves a continuous and holistic view of risk.  

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Photo by Ethan Currier on Unsplash