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Behind the Scenes – Napier filming with ITN

Antonis Melis
August 12, 2020

Napier recently spent the day at our currently empty office doing some socially distanced filming with ITN productions.

Our Head of Product Nick Portalski during his interview

The filming was hosted by the excellent reporter Mary-Ann Ochota, with David Crute behind the camera making our team look like superstars.

We spent the day discussing the need for institutions to have appropriate AML compliance systems in place to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Many financial institutions look to only check the compliance tickboxes, achieving minimum requirements. However, institutions need to take a more considered approach to compliance - looking at all factors including culture, expertise, policies and technology. Although technology is by far one of the more powerful ways to address financial crime, it is not just about replacing the tech.

Napier offers award-winning systems to institutions looking to improve their approach to money laundering and terrorist financing. Our approach does not just make sure you comply to regulations today but gives you a product that evolves with the industry’s needs over time, giving you a solution for beyond tomorrow.

The film will debut at the International Compliance Association Festival later this year, and is definitely not one to miss!

Our team discussing Napier's next step

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