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Fast track financial crime compliance with Napier Continuum Live

Will Monk, Napier’s CPO discusses how financial institutions can address increasing regulatory pressure and constant change in financial crime compliance, and introduces Continuum Live.

William Monk
February 8, 2024

Napier’s podcast series aims to connect trending fintech topics with financial crime compliance, equipping financial institutions with the insights they need to disrupt financial crime.  

In our third episode, we sat down with Napier’s CPO, Will Monk, to discuss how regulated firms can keep up with the real-time economy and fast start their financial crime compliance.  

There is growing demand for accessible financial crime compliance solutions in times of disruption and rapidly changing financial crime. The cost of financial crime is in the billions, as such, financial institutions (FIs) need to respond thick and fast.

With a risk-based approach, and the right solution with artificial intelligence (AI) that has a strong emphasis on compliance, explainability and usability, FIs can achieve compliance on their own terms, and fast.

In this podcast episode, we cover:

  • The pressures of the real-time economy
  • Technology needed to address compliance challenges
  • Steps to fast starting financial crime compliance
  • Napier Continuum Live

Learn more about fast starting compliance with Continuum Live here.

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