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Joining the dots: the need for a customer centric approach to AML

If you didn't catch our webinar which looked at current challenges in fighting money laundering, and ways to improve the current system, you can do so here.

Nicolette Brown
November 16, 2020

Industry experts recently joined Napier for a fireside chat in our webinar which looked at the need for a customer centric approach in AML.

As headlines are constantly updated with news of banks falling foul of regulations and stories of crimes perpetuated by money laundering, it has never been clearer that the systems in place to identify and combat financial crime are not working.

We joined up with Refinitiv to invite leaders in the industry to come together and explore the reasons for this and put forward possible solutions that can help banks, regulators and technology companies forge a new approach to fight financial crime and comply with global money laundering regulations.

Tom Keatinge, Director at the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI set the context for the webinar, talking about the nature of money laundering and the modern criminal economy.

He was joined on stage by Denisse Rudich, CCO & Co-Founder at ELEMENTARYb, who led the discussion with Greg Watson, Board Adviser to Napier, Arachnys & Fenergo; Emma Miller, Global Head of Partnerships at Refinitiv and Dave Burns, Napier’s Chief Revenue Officer to look at the following themes:

• The current key challenges in combatting financial crime

• Why it’s important to look at customer behaviour

• Data & Technology solutions for more effective outcomes

Watch the webinar recording

You can watch the webinar here, and learn how a customer centric approach can transform AML.

To find out more about Napier, and how our technology can help you fight financial crime, contact us here.

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