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Australia Post selects Napier as the AML/CTF solution of choice

Napeier has been selected as the AML/CTF technology platform of choice for one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Australia Post.

Napier AI
January 27, 2021

We are proud to announce that we have been selected as the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) technology platform of choice for one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Australia Post.

We will be providing our Intelligent Compliance solution that will bring together transaction monitoring and Know Your Customer data, allowing Australia Post to continue to efficiently spot suspicious activity and comply with relevant regulatory obligations.

Our Transaction Monitoring, Client Activity Review and Risk-based Scorecard solutions will give Australia Post a next generation compliance platform, enabling the organisation to effectively identify and manage risk and extend their anti-money laundering capabilities.

In addition, our Client and Transaction Screening solutions will offer a reliable, resilient filter to screen transactions and watchlists, generating good quality alerts for review. This will help Australia Post to continue to fulfil compliance obligations efficiently with on-going large-scale screening and re-screening capabilities.

Australia Post’s General Manager Payments & Financial Services, Product & Innovation Deanne Keetelaar commented: “We are excited to partner with Napier to extend our AML/CTF capabilities and continue to support our customers and the community. Napier provides a flexible, compliance-led solution that provides the scalability we require to grow this aspect of our products and services for our customers.”

Julian Dixon, Napier CEO commented: “As Australia Post is one of Australia’s biggest and most trusted brands, we are delighted to be the vendor of choice to help it continue a robust AML/CTF program, built on next generation technology. By choosing our Intelligent Compliance Platform, Australia Post will supercharge its compliance capabilities to meet AML/CTF obligations efficiently.”

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