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Replay - Napier at the AML & FinCrime Tech Forum

February 10, 2021

Last week our Chief Operating Officer Greg Watson and Chief AI Officer Luca Primerano had the pleasure of speaking at the AML & FinCrime Tech Forum hosted by FinTech Global.

Keynote panel discussion: The AML Leaders’ Perspective

Greg Watson’s panel discussed the impact of Covid-19 on AML and financial crime, as well as the impact of technology in enabling financial institutions to keep up with regulations and how to create a holistic view of their customers.

The panel consisted of industry experts:

• Markus Shulz Deputy Global Head FCC & Head Change Management FCC at ING

• Rachel Sloan Global Head of AML Programs at State Street

• Lester Joseph SVP, Manager, Global Financial Crimes Intelligence Group at Wells Fargo.

Watch the replay of their discussion below.

Practical uses of AI and machine learning in the fight against financial crime

In this session Luca Primerano discusses the current challenges facing financial institutions and compliance teams. He explores where, when, and how AI and machine learning can help to overcome them.

Traditional methods and legacy technologies can be big inhibitors to progress, unable to cope with the huge increase in global transactions and leaving data siloed between systems and departments.

AML compliance teams face an uphill battle to meet regulatory requirements and the ever-increasing associated costs.

AI has long been touted as a potential silver-bullet solution, but where are we currently and what part can AI play in the future of AML compliance?

Luca talks through the landscape and explains how AI is being implemented by his team in innovative compliance solutions.

Watch his talk below.

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