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We’re proud to have been featured in the press over the years. Here is a timeline of some coverage, including mentions of us in when we were formerly known as Fortytwo Data.


“The FCA already has enough to do, but it doesn’t mean to say we require so many supervisory bodies. We need fewer supervisory bodies, more direction and clarity of the regulations; and harsher enforcement with more penalties imposed to make it clear that the UK does not stand for financial crime.”

Thomson Reuters
September, 2021

Often firms do not understand how to implement an AML defence regime. Non-compliance should be treated with more severe punishments if we ever want this to change.

Thomson Reuters
August, 2020

“The UK government loan schemes may provide an opportunity for money launderers to funnel their cash into the banking system through loan repayments.”

Thomson Reuters
May, 2020

“Those firms who have embraced new technology prior to the crisis now find themselves in an advantageous position in that it is business as usual.”

Thomson Reuters
April, 2020

“Our experience is that many banks and financial institutions are using outdated methods and legacy software, both in the UK and wider world.”

Thomson Reuters
March, 2020

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